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Digital Clock BeClock style

Plasma 5 Clocks by thevladsoft
This is a (hacky) fork of KDE's digital clock, so it looks like the old BeClock kwin effect ( It also have a "flash" effect every hour (when the clock clicks XX:00). You can: Modify the ring's colors Disable/Enable the...
beclock plasmoid plasma clocks time linux unix extension kde plasma-5 widget clock
2 hours ago

Breeze-Noir-Dark Plasma Theme

Plasma Themes by l4k1
[B]Dark Plasma Theme, Transparent and Blur. Enabled Blurred Widgets and Adaptive Transparency for for Plasma 5.23 Based on "Breeze" Plasma Theme ___________________ Icons for Dark Plasma Themes [COLOR="#2e75bc"] [B]Breeze-Noir-White-Blue[/B] [/COLOR]:...
linux unix theme kde plasma
1 day ago

Blur-Glassy Global Theme

Global Themes by l4k1
Light Global Theme, Very Transparent and Blur. Enabled Blurred Widgets for Plasma 5.23 Icons [COLOR="blue"] [B]Breeze-Blur-Glassy[/B] [/COLOR]: [url=][COLOR="red"] Here [/COLOR][/url] Dark Icons [COLOR="blue"] [B]Breeze-Blur-Glassy Dark[/B] [/COLOR]:...
linux unix theme kde plasma look-and-feel
1 day ago

Carl Plasma Theme

Plasma Themes by jomada
Dark Plasma theme with bluish gradients. Image wallpaper of charlie-henson modified by me. The wallpaper is inside the theme folder. Carl Look-and-Feel: Carl Kvantum theme: Carl color...
linux unix theme kde plasma
Sep 19 2023

Bibata Modern Classic

Cursors by Kaiz
Bibata is one of the most popular cursors set in the Linux community so far and is now available
bibata xcursor windows linux unix cursor
Sep 15 2023

WhiteSur Plasma

Plasma Themes by vinceliuice
MacOS big sur theme for kde plasma ----------------------- [b]Kvantum theme:[/b] [url][/url] ----------------------- [b]Icon theme:[/b] [url][/url] ----------------------- [b]Cursors theme:[/b]...
linux unix theme kde plasma
Sep 08 2023


Full Icon Themes by ZMA
Copy all folders to .icons or /usr/share/icons or .local/share/icons and select themes by name. All variants require the main Acid theme. Don't delete it. Acid-fast is designed for old and weak computers. Use dark Desktop themes for the best look. The basis of this theme is Papirus and...
icon linux acid unix icon-theme
Aug 31 2023

Hexagon [Burn-My-Windows]

Kwin Effects by schneegans
With glowing lines and hexagon-shaped tiles, this effect looks very sci-fi. This is the KWin port of the Hexagon effect of the Burn-My-Windows GNOME Shell extension. [url=]You can find a list of all Burn-My-Windows effects...
animation linux unix
Aug 26 2023


Global Themes by jomada
Look and feel theme for Edna Plasma. Edna Plasma theme: Edna Kvantum theme: Edna color schemes: Edna Aurorae theme: Edna Konsole theme:...
linux unix theme kde plasma look-and-feel
Aug 21 2023

Stylish icon theme

Full Icon Themes by kuroe-hanako
Squircle icon theme with Pixel-Perfect Based on Fluent icon theme, Astica icons. * Features - 100% Pixel-Perfect(16px, 22px, 24px, 32px, 48px, 64px, 96px, 128px, 256px) - New Designs - (Experimental) KDE Color Palette Support
stylish icon-theme linux unix
Aug 19 2023