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Krayscale (Plasma tray icons)

Icon Sub-Sets by kubicle
KRAYSCALE PLASMA TRAY ICON THEME: NOTES: - The theme is still a work in progress, so all improvement suggestions are welcome. - Krayscale is not a complete plasma theme, it only includes tray icons to use with other plasma themes. - The theme is light (gray) colored, so the icons stand...
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Jul 30 2014

MyHumanity Mono and Light

Icon Sub-Sets by Magog64
2 mono-dark mono-light 1.04 new icon deb e rpm new icon folder svg 1.03 I hope to have solved the Software Center bug myhumanity in PPA by noobslab sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/icons sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install myhumanity thank you!! version 1 add...
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May 14 2013

Round buttons

Icon Sub-Sets by eleefece
en-> Just some icons i made for fun. es-> Solo uno iconos que hice por diversion
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Feb 05 2012

KDE Elementary Mono Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by N00bun2
Elementary Mono notification icons for KDE. 21-11-2011 UPDATE!!! Finally got around to porting the mono dark icon set. It's nowhere near complete yet, but most of the "big" icons have been done; network, sound, device, printer, messaging, battery, etc. UPDATE!!! Just added clementine...
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Nov 21 2011

Faenza Fresh

Icon Sub-Sets by funnyguy
FAENZA-FRESH EXTENSION PACK ~Creating Faenza icons for EVERYTHING... V0.2 16/06/2011 by tobias bernard Official Announcement: [url][/url] Have you ever installed a new, cool app and then discovered that there is no Faenza icon for...
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Jul 12 2011

Elementary 2.5 icons - ported by jetpack

Icon Sub-Sets by jetpack
Icons pack port of Elementary 2.5 to kde by jetpack I made this icons set, due by i think they're beatiful & becasue later i will made my custom faenza + elementary icons set project for my OS. This is my port of faenza 0.9 to kde -->...
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Apr 04 2011

Additional SysTray Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by xam
I created several tray icons in the default KDE 4.5 style for the following programs: [li]ktorrent[/li][li]kopete[/li][li]konversation[/li][li]kgpg[/li] I've also included icons for these programs: [li]kmail[/li][li]akregator[/li][li]choqok[/li][li]kteatime[/li] [b]BUT[/b] the do not work...
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Oct 16 2010