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Cursors by sevmeyer
A modest xcursor theme, inspired by DMZ and cz-Viator. Available in white and black. Right and left-handed. Size 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 96. Distributed under the CC0.
linux unix cursor
May 21 2021

Mac os cursor

Cursors by novamax
A refined macOS cursor set. Just extract the zip file and place it in your .icons folder in your home directory. ...I am poor it student i have many problems in my life please click support button to donate me or add donation in to my paypal:-"[email protected]" Thank you...
linux unix cursor
Jan 09 2021

LiOS V cursors

Cursors by im-ams
LiOS V,Cursors for humans **updated the old file with new one, can use in any possible screen resolution** Unzip file for user specific install move the LiOSV folder to ` ~/.local/share/icons` for system wide move it to `/usr/share/icons` Please consider supporting me, I...
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Nov 08 2020


Cursors by markitos66
I've seen some Windows Metro cursor themes, and I decided to create my own Metro cursor theme. It has five colors used in the Windows Metro interface. It is simple but attractive and well kept its design. But you can see the preview 1, 2 and 3, so that you can judge it for your own...
cursor linux unix
Mar 06 2014

Pulse Glass

Cursors by KuduK
As request from XxAndoxX, I created this from .ani and .cur base cursor. Howto Install: uncompress and move folder theme to /usr/share/icons/ open a terminal and insert this command line: "sudo ln -fs /usr/share/icons/Pulse-Glass/cursor.theme /etc/alternatives/x-cursor-theme" select...
cursor linux unix
Aug 05 2012

Lliurex cursors

Cursors by lliurex
Lliurex X11 cursors, developed for Lliurex Nemo version. Inspirated on oxygen cursor theme, but it has been drawn from the scratch.
cursor linux unix
Aug 01 2012


Cursors by KuduK
PROTOZOA Original theme By Chuckeye Bacterial jellyfish, infectious ectoplasmic and all animated. For the conversion I used the program perl adds KDE4 Compatibility, and adjusts the individual pointer animations with GIMP and XMC...
cursor linux unix
Jan 14 2012