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Plasma 5 Multimedia by ismail0f
This is a modified version of the offical mediacontroller plasma5 widget. Add your media controller to your plasma panel or latte dock, and configure it to your liking, by enabling or disabling album artwork, track information, playback controls and playback progress bar. It provides the same...
linux mpris multimedia plasma panel plasma-5 kde unix widget extension
Aug 28 2021

Time Keeper

Plasma 5 Clocks by niceway
[/i] ([url][/url]) for KDE Plasma 4 [url
widget unix linux kde plasma-5 plasma extension clock
Sep 08 2017

Weather Widget

Plasma 5 Weather by clearmartin
Plasmoid for showing weather information from and Open Weather Map servers. Features: - shows basic info (with font-like icons) in panel - shows meteogram + long term forecast in expanded plasmoid - shows more info and near future forecast in tooltip - offline cache - support for...
extension plasma plasma-5 linux kde unix widget weather
Oct 06 2017

Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jimmy88
[b]:: Oxygen style for Firefox![/b] [b]:: Consistent and coherent integration with KDE![/b] [b]:: NEWS ( [i]Last updated : 15 August 2013[/i])[/b] [quote][b]OXYGEN KDE 4.0 beta3 is released! [/b][/quote] [b]:: What's new in the 3.x-4.x version[/b] - All XUL widgets styled using only...
extension plasma kde linux unix
Aug 15 2013

Radeon Power Management

Plasma 4 Extensions by jemino
INTRODUCTION This Javascript applet allows for controlling and monitoring the power management mode and temperature of AMD/ATI graphics cards. [b]It only works with the free Xorg radeon driver and requires at least a 2.6.35 kernel.[/b] [b]It does NOT work with the proprietary fglrx...
unix widget kde plasma plasma-4 linux extension
Jun 20 2012

Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by panzi
This is a fork of mbaszczewskis STasks plasmoid. For the original STasks code go there: [url][/url] This taskbar replacement has window peeking similar to Windows 7 when you use the kwin 'highlight window' effect. Even if this...
linux plasma-4 plasma kde extension widget unix
Nov 05 2010