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Megano Animated Classic SDDM 2

SDDM Login Themes by Jamesjon
Plasma Megano es un tema SDDM de alta calidad, con diseƱo elegante y atractivo para Plasma. Otros temas SDDM
megano linux sddm animated classic unix
Sep 17 2019

Waves SDDM Login theme

SDDM Login Themes by thevladsoft
A Login screen with a soothing animation. Try it together with its splashscreen: [URL=]Waves splashscreen[/URL] Want to donate a cup of coffe? [URL=]PAYPAL[/URL]
linux unix
Feb 17 2019

Diamond SDDM Login Gen5

SDDM Login Themes by Diamond
KDE Plasma 5.0 SDDM Login Themes Install: 1) Right-Click on Diamond5.SDDM.tar.gz > Extract -> Extract Archive Here 2) Right-Click on sddm/ > Action - > Run In Konsole 3) Click "Kickoff Menu" > "Applications" -> "Settings" -> "System Settings" 4) Double-Click "Startup and...
unix linux
Apr 09 2017