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Plasma Themes by x-varlesh-x
Bright and colorful Nova theme with maximum rounded corners in Material style. This theme have full support KDE Color Scheme Please install Kvantum theme: And Latte Layout:
nova material rounded linux unix theme kde plasma
Dec 06 2021

Breeze Classic Icons-only

Plasma Themes by mck182
This is the Breeze 5.5 theme but with 5.4 icons, by popular demand.
linux plasma kde unix theme
Dec 22 2015

Mack OSX

Plasma Themes by KDEWorkshop
A theme designed to mimic the Mac OSX style. The panel might be better off at the top of the screen. I am not in any way affiliated with Apple Inc.
theme unix kde linux plasma
May 19 2014

Gaia Recycled

Plasma Themes by jmtodaro
Remixed version of the Gaia 09 theme, an eco-friendly theme for Plasma. Created for the Gaia Project ([url][/url]) to increase environmental awareness. Many wallpapers as well as themes/skins for Mac & Windows can be found on the website. [b]Gaia Recycled Window Decoration...
kde plasma linux theme unix
Mar 26 2010