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Arch round

Plasma Themes by rkstrdee
KDE Plasma theme with Rounded corners
unix theme kde plasma linux arch
Jul 23 2021


Plasma Themes by OlliFri
Dark KDE Plasma 5 theme for the bars and the start menu with color progression and adapted wildgets. For the installation, simply copy the unzipped file into the directory / usr / share / plasma / desktoptheme / with root rights. Then select Plasma Style in the Control Panel. All other...
dark unix theme linux plasma kde style
Oct 05 2020

Luminate - Plasma

Plasma Themes by garthecho
This is basically the Marysia Plasma theme with some widgets slightly edited and Lancelot support added. All artwork credit for the Marysia Plasma theme goes to Irek K. I recommend using it with my Luminate color scheme, Emerald and QtCurve themes. QtCurve -...
kde plasma linux theme unix
Mar 24 2010