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DesktopPal97 Plasma Theme

Plasma Themes by bunnymnemonic
This theme lives on as a complete GTK/XFWM4 theme for XFCE: [url=][/url] However, any contribution to keep the Plasma version alive is welcome. Part of the DesktopPal97 Global theme for KDE Plasma:...
retro 90s pixelart linux unix theme kde plasma
Aug 28 2023

Otto Transparent

Plasma Themes by yoursandwich
Hi this is an modification to jorge's theme "Otto" It enables transparency. Have Fun
plasma plasma5 arch kde otto linux unix theme
Apr 24 2022

LaserBeam Plasma theme

Plasma Themes by bunnymnemonic
Classic / retro non-flat vector-art Plasma theme that is easy on the eyes. it imitates the desktops of the early '00s. Goes well with LaserBeam Aurorae theme and LaserBeam Color scheme theme. The theme is presented with the default widget style (Breeze). LaserBeam Aurorae theme:...
2000s kde linux non-flat plasma retro theme unix vectorart
Nov 19 2021