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Plasma Themes by jomada
New light version of the Edna theme.
kdeplasma linux unix theme kde plasma
Mar 19 2024

Breeze Papirus Dark

Plasma Themes by indigoraul
Breeze Dark theme that supports Papirus icon set and the color scheme of your choice. Installing the Papirus icon set (Ubuntu and its derivates): sudo apt-get install papirus-icon-theme Installing the Papirus icon set (Other distros):
breeze papirus dark linux unix theme kde plasma
Jun 15 2020

Fluffy Bunny

Plasma Themes by kossebau
Happy to present the Second Return of the Plasma theme Fluffy Bunny! One of the first third-party KDE4/Plasma themes, created by Florian Schepper, it quickly became an all-time favourite for many. Deserving a place in KDE's list of Cultural Heritage. Well, at least it was a favourite for...
fluffy kde linux pink plasma theme unix
May 15 2019

Breeze No Shadows With Antu Icons

Plasma Themes by Madkita
default kde breeze theme without panel shadows and with icons from antu icon theme. Installation: 1. from settings: - go to settings > workspace theme > desktop theme > get new themes - search for breeze no shadow with antu icons and install it apply the theme 2. from...
kde linux plasma theme unix
Dec 10 2017

Breeze Legacy

Plasma Themes by vmorenomarin
Based on default Breeze Light and MacBreeze-Shadowless It has light semi-transparent panel and notifications (so the blur can be enabled) with black font and icons. The panel doesn't have a shadow which creates a flat, coherent look with maximized light windows. Line Breeze icons...
blur breeze kde light linux macos minimalist plasma theme unix
Jan 17 2019

Flat 37

Plasma Themes by SergeyMalkin
A minimalist dark theme built around flat sufraces painted in #373737. No transparency and no borders unless necessary. Based on Serios theme by Boris Pek.
kde linux plasma theme unix
Aug 22 2015

lucid-gold 'plasma 5 theme'

Plasma Themes by anex
Iv'e never done any theming and didnt like breeze so changed it, beta will be bugs. Lucid-gold-Colors.colors included.
kde linux plasma theme unix
Aug 16 2014

full flat fixed

Plasma Themes by crona
a version of full flat that doesnt go full retard with the gradients on the taskbar original can be found here: license can be found here:
kde linux plasma theme unix
Jan 29 2014

Black Pearl

Plasma Themes by Deathmachine
Simple transparent black with the mix of aqua blue. Hope you like it.
kde linux plasma theme unix
Oct 23 2013

Caledonia/Wave Remix Opaque

Plasma Themes by msx
A remix using the equally awesome Caledonia and Wave plasma themes. // Installation instructions -------------------------- Automatic way - using the GHNS built-in feature (Get Hot New Stuff): Launch System Settings, go to Workspace Appearance --> Desktop Theme --> Get New Themes...
kde linux plasma theme unix
Jun 03 2013