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Plasma Themes by obnosim
Velours is a dark Plasma theme with a fuzzy texture and monochromatic icons. It draws inspiration from Caledonia by Malcer and openSUSE by sumski, but contains only original artwork. There are two versions: one for Plasma 4 (not actively developped anymore) and one for Plasma 5. All widgets...
dark black soft complete fuzzy linux unix kde plasma theme
May 29 2023

Noc and Lux

Plasma Themes by mcder
Noc and Lux was born with the vision of being a theme for the plasma 5 elegant and well taken care of in every detail. Please consider making a donation ;-) License: [url=][b]CC BY-SA 4.0[/b][/url]
kde linux plasma theme unix
Aug 25 2017