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Blur-Glassy Plasma Theme

Plasma Themes by l4k1
[B]Light Plasma Theme, Very Transparent and Blur. Enabled Blurred Widgets and Adaptive Transparency for for Plasma 5.23 Transparency of all Panels (Opacity 30 %) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ...
linux unix theme kde plasma
Sep 18 2023

Arc Dark KDE

Plasma Themes by x-varlesh-x
Arc KDE - This is a port of the popular GTK theme Arc for Plasma 5 desktop with a few additions and extras. RECOMMEND USE THIS CUSTOMISATION WITH KVANTUM ENGINE:
ark blue dark kde linux plasma theme unix
Sep 08 2022


Plasma Themes by mcder
A translucent theme for Plasma 5 Un tema transl├║cido para Plasma 5 I hope you like it :-) [img][/img] [url=][b]Ant├╝ Icons[/b][/url] [color=#00c694][b]Official w...
helium kde plasma-shell plasma linux unix theme
Jul 24 2021


Plasma Themes by sima84
I hope you like it
kde linux plasma theme unix
Dec 05 2018

Aether Dark

Plasma Themes by KenVermette
Aether Dark is currently under development; please report any issues found within the theme when installed on Plasma 5.12 or higher. Aether is a theme aiming to use sweeping but subtle gradients and "just enough" transparency to illustrate the new blurring of the Plasma Desktop. This theme...
kde linux plasma theme unix
Jul 10 2018

Dynamo Plasma

Plasma Themes by Hombremaledico
This is a port of the Breeze Plasma theme to KDE4. It is slightly different in design: there are no transparencies and i preferred to use thinner shadows. Components are from different themes: Breeze, Tilain, and Tibanna. All credits to the original authors. [b]NOTE:[/b] This is a work in...
kde linux plasma theme unix
Aug 07 2014

Blue Sora

Plasma Themes by Deathmachine
Blue sky theme based on abstract art is fully transparent with the slight drop shadow for better visibility. This theme contains the most elements that you need for general purposes and it's absolutely compatible with the most recent versions of KDE. Since this theme uses the gradients with...
kde linux plasma theme unix
Mar 22 2014