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Sane Dark Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by GooGkhaN
Tired of color accented dark themes? Sane Dark is here. It is sane calm strainless healthy smooth to eyes as default. Smooth blue accented.
plasma color dark linux unix theme kde colorscheme
Aug 15 2022


Plasma Color Schemes by nestort
This is a lightweight dark theme using mostly the same colors of another theme of mine: [url=]Soil[/url]. It is dark, with green accents. Disabled elements are brown. It is very easy on the eyes. It looks very much like old desktop themes from the nineties...
colorscheme dark easy green kde linux old plasma skeuomorph theme unix
Jun 26 2022

Plasma Deck

Plasma Color Schemes by x-varlesh-x
Steam Deck color scheme.
colorscheme dark deck gaming kde linux plasma steam steamdeck theme unix
May 30 2022

Azeny Wine

Plasma Color Schemes by joaopedroaats
More themes available [URL=]here[/URL] -
blue colorscheme dark kde linux pink plasma theme unix
Apr 29 2022


Plasma Color Schemes by plingsaarinen
Tumman oranssi KDE Plasma väriteema - Dark orange KDE Plasma colour scheme Lightly sovelllustyylillä ja Rounded Rectangle ikoneilla - With Lightly Application style and Rounded Rectangle icon pack
colorscheme dark kde linux orange oranssi plasma theme tumma unix
Apr 26 2022

Rouge Burgundy

Plasma Color Schemes by plingsaarinen
Kuninkaallinen väriteema niille jotka arvostavat luksusta! Lightly sovellustyylillä ja Rounded Rectangle ikoneilla. Un thème royal pour ceux qui apprécient le luxe! Avec Lightly style d'applications et Rounded Rectangle icônes. A Royal Theme for those who appreciate luxurity! With Lightly Appl...
burgundy colorscheme dark kde linux plasma punainen red rouge theme unix
Apr 26 2022

Leaf Dark Colors

Plasma Color Schemes by qewer
Color scheme for the Leaf Dark KDE Plasma theme.
colorscheme dark green kde leaf linux nature plasma theme tree unix
Mar 21 2022

Lx Deep Sea

Plasma Color Schemes by lx21
Dark color scheme that has high contrasts and at the same time it is eyefriendly and suitable for red-green colorblindness. Made by -lx21-, therefore the name starts with "lx" and therefore it has nothing to do with the LXDE. Feel free to change, share or what ever you want... Have Fun!
color colorblind colorscheme dark kde linux plasma scheme theme unix
Feb 16 2022

Purple Dark Plasma Colors

Plasma Color Schemes by D3S0X
A Plasma color theme inspired by the colors from the ZorinOS purple dark theme!
colorscheme dark kde linux plasma purple theme unix zorin zorinos
Jan 11 2022

Nova Pengi

Plasma Color Schemes by x-varlesh-x
Bright and juicy colors for Nova Suite
colorscheme dark green kde linux material nova pengi plasma theme unix
Dec 11 2021