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openSUSE Dark

Plasma Color Schemes by popov895
Dark color scheme based on openSUSE colors
opensuse kde plasma linux colors colorscheme dark theme unix
Mar 20 2021

openSUSE Light

Plasma Color Schemes by popov895
Light color scheme based on openSUSE colors
colors colorscheme unix theme plasma kde light linux opensuse
Mar 20 2021

openSUSE Breeze Dark Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by cubiclenate
This theme is, at the core, the Breeze Dark theme. The blue highlights have been swapped out for the green hues used in the openSUSE Dark Alternate theme. The theme I had been using didn't play well with Kdenlive and a few other applications but the Breeze Dark theme was fantastic. Since...
dark dark-theme color colorscheme linux opensuse plasma kde theme unix
Feb 20 2021

openSUSE Dark Alternate Edited

Plasma Color Schemes by sfgark
openSUSE Dark Alternate theme with a few editions.
theme unix linux kde opensuse plasma green dark-theme colorscheme
Jun 09 2018