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Nostrum White

Plasma Color Schemes by phob1an
Like Nostrum, only brighter. This follow-up to an earlier theme might remind you of another OS. Oh well.
colorscheme futuretro kde linux plasma retro theme unix windows
Feb 21 2023

DoorMaker Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by bunnymnemonic
"DoorMaker" Color Scheme is a mod of [url=]Phob1an's Irixium Color Scheme[/url]. [img][/img] Named after the famous artist Albrecht Dürer, "DoorMaker" window decoration aims to open ...
colorful colorscheme irixium kde linux non-flat plasma retro theme unix
Aug 19 2022

Klorax. Retrofuturism

Plasma Color Schemes by klorax
This is part of the [url=]Retrofuturism Theme Suite[/url][color=#ff3355]*[/color] by [url=]Klorax[/url]: [color=#dd33ff][i][b]Dark and retrofuturistic![/b][/i][/color] Inspired by genres such as: retro, cyberpunk, outrun, and...
colorscheme cyberpunk futurism kde linux outrun plasma retro synthwave theme unix
Oct 09 2019