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Plasma Color Schemes by zb652
This is a slightly tweaked version of the original theme that became my Darker-Spice theme, Had to change some of the colours due to some GTK apps ignoring the selection text colour,using the window text colour and making it unreadable. Also contains a matching GTK theme and Konsole theme,and...
theme unix colorscheme gtk kde linux plasma konsole
Apr 27 2019


Plasma Color Schemes by zb652
A Plasma color scheme,matching GTK theme and Konsole color scheme. The GTK theme was made with Oomox,and the GTK3 tooltips are a bit light,the GTK2 tooltips are the correct colour,but it still should be usable? There is also a matching Telegram theme made by BUBSBILBY -...
kde linux plasma konsole gtk colorscheme theme unix
Apr 24 2019

Ember Colors

Plasma Color Schemes by garthecho
Color scheme to go with Ember for Qtcurve.
plasma kde linux colorscheme unix theme
Sep 07 2010