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Plasma Color Schemes by guilmour
White base with very yellow accent. I made this one, according to the color scheme of the company I work.
gold colorscheme beige nude plasma linux kde theme white unix
Aug 14 2020

Sleek and Futuristic

Plasma Color Schemes by Masque
You don't have to be neon blue/pink to look cyberpunk. :-)
theme unix colorscheme breeze dark cyberpunk green gold linux kde plasma
Jul 02 2020

Gold n Berry

Plasma Color Schemes by darkeye90
Mix of dark and ligh berry colors with several touches of golds. oomox file included How to generate gtk theme by using oomox file 1- copy (oomox file) in my case GP to ~/.config/oomox/colors 2- run oomox the choose the theme from the left side list 3- export the theme. you...
unix theme linux plasma kde colorscheme berry gold
Apr 22 2018