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Vimix Aurorae Themes

Plasma Window Decorations by vinceliuice
[b] Vimix Aurorae Themes [/b] Vimix kde is a Material Design theme for KDE Plasma desktop. ------------------------------ Based on: Alexey Varfolomeev - [url][/url] ------------------------------ [b] Recommendations [/b] For better looking...
linux plasma kde theme unix
Sep 05 2021

Carl Aurorae theme

Plasma Window Decorations by jomada
Aurorae theme for Carl Plasma theme Based on McMojave aurorae by Vinceliuice
plasma linux kde unix theme
Apr 24 2021

WhiteSur Aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations by vinceliuice
MacOS big sur theme for kde plasma --------------------------------------- [b]Fix for Aurorae theme:[/b] Go to the [b]"Application Style > Window Decorations"[/b] and set the boder to [b]"Tiny"[/b]
unix theme plasma kde linux
Jul 23 2020

Ant-Dracula KDE

Plasma Window Decorations by eliverlara
A dark theme created using the awesome [url=]Dracula[/url] color palette. Suggested setings: [url=]Dracula Kvantum theme[/url] [url=]Dracula Plasma...
theme unix linux kde plasma
Jul 01 2020

Darkine KDE

Plasma Window Decorations by Rokin
[b]Darkine[/b] - A dark theme for KDE Plasma. You'll be able to get the full theme collection here : [URL=][b]Darkine collection[/b][/URL]. For better looking please use this theme with [URL=][b]Kvantum...
darkine dark theme unix kde plasma rokin linux kvantum
May 13 2019

QTStep Gradient

Plasma Window Decorations by abgr
A theme inspired by the WindowMaker/GNUStep look. This one with a diagonal titlebar gradient. As aurorae doesn't have proper color scheme support, i made several color variants, and i included the 'source' version, which contains a script to generate new variants based on a KDE color...
linux nextstep openstep plasma retro kde gnustep unix theme windowmaker
Nov 04 2018