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Quasi Deepin Dark

Aurorae Themes by caig
A KDE Plasma window decoration (KWin Aurorae) from scratch that mimics (quasi) [URL=]Deepin[/URL] [i]15.5-15.7[/i] dark theme as showed by the Deepin File Manager. Best to use with the [URL=]Quasi Deepin Dark color scheme[/URL]. Created by...
linux unix theme kde plasma deepin dark
Dec 06 2018

Accento New

Aurorae Themes by crmlt
Accento New KWin Aurorae theme which respects the Breeze color palette Screenshot (High-Res): This theme is based on original Accento theme: Giacomo Barazzetti - New features: - Resize window using right and...
linux unix theme kde plasma breeze dark aurorae accento
Jul 21 2018

Nocturnal KDE

Aurorae Themes by Rokin
[b]Nocturnal[/b] - KDE Plasma theme pack. [b]Nocturnal : Full theme urls ( :[/b] [list] [*] [URL=]Plasma Look-and-Feel[/URL] [*] [URL=]Plasma Color Scheme[/URL] [*]...
nocturnal dark kvantum plasma rokin linux unix theme kde
Apr 27 2018