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DoorMaker Window Decoration

Plasma Window Decorations by bunnymnemonic
"DoorMaker" is a mod of [url=]Phob1an's Irixium window decoration[/url]. [img][/img] Named after the famous artist Albrecht Dürer, "DoorMaker" window decoration aims to open many ...
retro irixium irix colorful non-flat linux unix theme kde plasma
Sep 23 2022


Plasma Window Decorations by abgr
A theme inspired by the WindowMaker/GNUStep look. I made it to match my QTStep QtCurve theme, since QtCurve window decorations seem to be dead. As aurorae doesn't have proper color scheme support, i made several color variants, and i included the 'source' version, which contains a script to...
gnustep kde linux nextstep openstep plasma retro theme unix windowmaker
Nov 04 2018