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Netrunner Indigo Look and Feel

Global Themes by l33k
Netrunner Indigo Look and Feel The mixture of darker blue and lighter blue together with classic white like gray creates a pleasent to the eye look that matches the Breeze Icon theme without distracting your eyes Dependencies: RED-Modern Cursor: Indigo...
linux look look-and-feel indigo kde plasma netrunner and feel unix theme
Nov 27 2019

GreenPeas LookAndFeel

Global Themes by adhe
Green peas for your Plasma Look & Feel Details theme: Soon ... - Plasmoids for KDE * Launcher: [url=] NavDexie menu[/url] * Clock: [url=] Split digital clock[/url] [u][b]Coffee[/b][/u] Thanks for all the support....
linux look look-and-feel plasma kde theme unix
Sep 16 2019

EQuilibrium New Experience2 Light

Global Themes by eQuilibrium
EQuilibrium New Experience2 Light fork is an optimized the official EQuilibrium "Level Three" New Experience2 Light theme for other KDE distributions. Before installing a theme, do the following: 1. Minimum KDE Plasma version 5.12 2. Install: - EQmenu (Plasma 5 Menus)...
look look-and-feel linux kde plasma theme unix
Apr 15 2019