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PurE Look-and-Feel

Global Themes by skylake118
// Contents // Here is the Global / Look-and-Feel PurE for KDE Plasma 5. Automatically installs the Plasma theme and color scheme, and it also enables the Lightly App and Window decorations if you have them installed on your system. It also includes a new splash screen. ** IMPORTANT ** //...
plasma plasma5 kde unixporn linux unix theme look-and-feel
Nov 23 2021


Global Themes by tsbarnes
A mixed dark and light theme for KDE, with orange highlights
orange kde plasma plasma5 linux look-and-feel light dark unix theme
Aug 23 2021


Global Themes by freefreeno
Ares look and feel is a dark KDE Plasma theme with everything you need for nice clean desktop setup. Enlarge the screenshots for better view. I am gonna include one or two screenshots with the normal Breeze window decorations just so you can see. The color scheme is...
kde linux look-and-feel looknfeel plasma plasma5 kdeplasma theme unix
Aug 02 2019

Insane Aqua Blue

Global Themes by freefreeno
I know this theme isn't Aqua but I made this theme to match either the Newaita Aqua or the Newaita blue icons hence the name Aqua Blue. There is two color schemes for this theme but I will post them separately. The main color scheme is dark but not too dark at all and is really colorful and...
theme unix plasma plasma5 kdeplasma kde linux look-and-feel looknfeel
Jun 01 2019