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Expose Air

Global Themes by phob1an
Aero for my Expose series. Set window border size to Large. Get the needed Kvantum here: Suggest font is Selawik.
win7 aero retro linux unix theme kde plasma look-and-feel
Dec 01 2023

Vulpinity Red

Global Themes by joseskvolpe
A red aero skeumorphic global theme for KDE Plasma with foxes, inspired on Unity with it's own personality, giving that nostalgic 2009' eye-candy's aesthetic feeling while staying modern. ¬°¬°PLEASE READ IT (or!! There's 2 different packages to install, they are: * Vulpinity.tar.gz: T...
aero foxes kde linux look-and-feel plasma skeuomorph theme unity unix
Feb 25 2023

Curved Volatile Style

Global Themes by linlinxza
This is my attempt of porting one of my favorite custom themes from Windows 7. Sort of that is. I just took some pngs from this style. Found there: What I have is is a combination of Volatile and the Cur7ed theme. With...
aero clear glassy gloss kde linux look-and-feel plasma theme unix
Aug 15 2021