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Genome Spectrum Kvantum

Kvantum by doncsugar
Genome Dark theme with a script included to change colors with a .colors file. Buggy at the moment and does not support many colors, but should work well enough for unique color schemes. [b]Run the script with a .colors file before installing the Kvantum theme and it will switch the...
kvantum linux spectrum unix theme blur
Apr 23 2021

Genome Light and Dark Kvantum

Kvantum by doncsugar
This is a Kvantum theme. It was meant for Genome and Ultra so it is not a perfect replica of Breeze, but with a few modifications, it could definitely become Breeze Kvantum. Includes a script to change the standard blue highlight color. If you do plan on using this theme for a blurry...
linux kvantum theme unix blur breeze
Apr 20 2021


Kvantum by skylineone044
My kvantum theme based on FlatBlur, which is based on Akava-Kv A full black theme with bright blue accents and all of the background blur and transparency Recommendation: - use the BreezeBlureed window decorations: - for best results make sure...
dark blur blurred kvantum linux theme unix
Jan 19 2020