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Kvantum by nestort
This is a lightweight dark theme using mostly the same colors of another theme of mine: [Soil]( It is dark, with green accents. Disabled elements are brown. It is very easy on the eyes. It looks very much like old desktop themes from the nineties (somewhat like...
dark easy green kvantum linux skeuomorph theme unix
Jun 26 2022

Bali's Minimalistic Grey Kvantum Theme

Kvantum by bali10050
It's grey Other parts of the theme: Aurorae Theme | Color Scheme | Plasma Theme |
dark grey kvantum linux theme unix win10
Sep 25 2021

EFD KDE and Gnome Gtk Dark Theme

Kvantum by OlliFri
Dark theme for KDE Plasma and all Qt based desktops. KDE based on Kvantum and Aurorae window covering. A matching Gtk theme for a uniform look, regardless of whether KDE or Gnome software is running. A well-fitting icon theme is also included. Installation, unzip everything as usual and move...
dark gtk icons kdeplasma kvantum linux theme unix
Oct 05 2020


Kvantum by skylineone044
My kvantum theme based on FlatBlur, which is based on Akava-Kv A full black theme with bright blue accents and all of the background blur and transparency Recommendation: - use the BreezeBlureed window decorations: - for best results make sure...
blur blurred dark kvantum linux theme unix
Jan 19 2020

Darkine KDE

Kvantum by Rokin
[b]Darkine[/b] - A dark theme for KDE Plasma. You'll be able to get the full theme collection here : [URL=][b]Darkine collection[/b][/URL]. For better looking please use this theme with [URL=][b]Kvantum...
dark darkine kvantum linux plasma rokin theme unix
May 17 2019