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Oxylite Icons

Full Icon Themes by mx-2
# Oxylite Icons Oxylite-icons is a icon theme which implements skeuomorphic icons with modern SVG technology. It is based on Oxygen, Adwaita and others. Currently, this icon theme is tested on Gnome and works best on HiDPI monitors. ## PNG version The `oxylite-png` version of this theme uses...
skeuomorph non-flat oxygen adwaita gnome linux unix icon-theme
Aug 28 2023

Papirus Nord

Full Icon Themes by joshaby
! [/list] [h3]Note[/h3] If you installed the Papirus' Linux Universe version before installation, type yes
papirus icons nord iconpack icon-theme linux unix
Feb 14 2022

Wine Blue Remix

Full Icon Themes by WalentyWalewski
Linux, but takes into account the specifics of work in Wine, with additional icons and making
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 19 2013

Plane icon theme for Manjaro

Full Icon Themes by wfpaisa
Green folders for Plane icon theme A simple iconset, preferably used in Gnome. Love/Inkscape/Gnome **My settings: Gnome 3.24** - Theme: - Extensions: Dash to Dock, Docker integration, Dynamic panel transparency, freon, Internet radio,...
icon-theme linux unix
Feb 26 2020

OSX icon theme port

Full Icon Themes by N00bun2
I started the massive undertaking of doing a proper porting of the Mac icon theme to Linux
icon-theme linux unix
Jan 27 2012

Materia Manjaro

Full Icon Themes by freefreeno
[color=#00C8B5]Icons for the Materia Manjaro theme and whatever else you want to use them for[/color] If you want to see the best screenshots without the blurriness then click and enlarge so and you will have a much better view. The new Breeze style icons are...
icon-theme kde kdeplasma linux manjaro materia plasma unix
May 20 2020

Gruvbox icon theme

Full Icon Themes by adhe
[u][b]Gruvbox icon theme[/b] [/u] This icon set is based on the theme of gruvbox colors for vim [url=][/url]. We adapt the colors of all the icons for the new scheme. The original application icons are from the Papirus...
gnome icon icon-theme kde linux unix
Sep 29 2019

Oranchelo Remix

Full Icon Themes by sira313
This icon themes is remix from oranchelo icon theme It's not my own, i just remix it from oranchelo icon. Credit and lisence are inside the directory, please read the README file.
icon-theme icons linux unix
Jul 10 2018

Oxygen Remixed Icons

Full Icon Themes by alex-l
Oxygen icons with old Oxygen 4.6 folders plus different MIME types icons. Idea by Cristiano Bergoglio Realized by Alessandro Longo It includes Oxygen folder icons from: and most of MIME types icons come...
icon-theme linux unix
Dec 22 2017

Elementary Sky-Blue

Full Icon Themes by WalentyWalewski
style and OSX-Nostalgie, it can be used also in Linux Mint 13/14/15 and Ubuntu 12.04/12.10/13.04
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 19 2013