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Cinnamon Themes by kisskool
Thème: Crée Sous Linux mint 18 Contenu: Cinnamon Gtk 2.0 Gtk 3.0 Metacity Installation:/usr
mint linux cinnamon 18 theme unix
Dec 29 2018

Cinnamox-Rhino [Cinnamon-GTK2/3-Metacity]

Cinnamon Themes by smurphos
Cinnamox-Rhino features a deep grey colour scheme and light text. Cinnamon, Metacity, GTK2, GTK3.18 and GTK3.20+ themes are included along with several interactive bash scripts to allow end-users to tweak theme characteristics. Full readme here -...
linux metacity blue grey gtk cinnamon theme unix
May 25 2020

Modern Mint

Cinnamon Themes by gmc85
A simple, modern take on the Cinnamon desktop. Modern Mint strives to be light on resources (/cinnamon folder is around 290kB in size including thumbnail.png), modern and easily customizable. Background colors can be easily customized because I moved all the relevant color values to the...
cinnamon unix theme linux
Feb 01 2016

Sombre Doux Gnome-Shell + Cinnamon

Cinnamon Themes by rvc-2011
Gnome Shell Theme Theme was created after the wonderful gtk3 theme by trastes. REQUIREMENTS: Gnome3.2 /gnome 3.4 (version3.3.90)/ Gnome-Shell MGSE (Optional) Cinnamon 1.3 INSTALL: Extract the zip file folder to ~/.themes and use gnome-tweak-tool to choose this. For Cinnamon, choose...
unix theme linux cinnamon
Mar 18 2012