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Adwaita One Dark

Gnome Shell Themes by lonr
# Adwaita One Dark [x] GNOME Shell theme [x] GTK 2 theme [x] adw-gtk3-dark and libadwaita/GTK 4 theme recoloring [ ] GtkSourceView ## Install note We assume you install themes in ~/.local/share/themes Download the .tar.xz file and extract the folder to ~/.local/share/themes Install GNOME...
adwaita onedark linux unix theme gnome gnome-shell
Jun 27 2022


Gnome Shell Themes by skrvd98
**Disclaimer This isn't mine, but rather a theme that seeks to go back to Adwaita circa Gnome 3.14 taken from here: Known issue(s): -Some buttons still show up as the new gray buttons instead of the circular...
adwaita black classic gnome gnome-shell gradient linux theme unix
Nov 04 2018