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GTK3/4 Themes by g-nome
11 ( Xfce 4.16 ) [/color] 3. Cinnamon Desktop [color="#70AB33"]- Linux Mint 19 ( Cinnamon 3.8 ) - Linux
gnome gtk3 dark blue flat linux unix theme
36 minutes ago

Solarized-Dark Complete Desktop [all new this update]

GTK3/4 Themes by rtl88
A GTK, xfwm4, openbox-3, and GNOME-Shell - Dark Mode Theme - Based on the Official Color Pallet Created by Ethan Schoonover. Brought back to the GUI by popular demand, Solarized-Dark - as originally created by Ethan Schoonover - is the highly valued color scheme for code editors and terminal...
cursors dark gnome gtk3 icons linux theme unix
Dec 13 2019