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One More Windows XP

MDM Themes by Laszcz
"Windoze" MDM theme by Staffan Åhlvik to be modified for wide screen. Looks well at my 1366*768. Other resolutions were not tested. ===================================== Тема MDM "Windoze", сделанная Staffan Åhlvik и адаптированная для 1366*768. Другие разрешения я не тестировал, но дума...
linux unix
Jan 31 2017

MDM HTML Theme Tuxkiller3

MDM Themes by jbaseb
MDM version 1.2.5 Style HTML 1280x1024 resolution V4.1 Rotation change for "gear" and "UXL" PNG pure CSS much more fluid. Replacing animation "tuxwanda" GIF a PNG sprite (animations look less jerky on my old computer). You choose (Lines 203-225 GIF animation, lines 228-257 animated...
linux unix
Sep 24 2016