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Telegram System Tray Icons Light Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by elav
Telegram System Tray icons.. Instructions: 0- Close Telegram 1- Uncompress the file ticon_dark.tar.gz. 2- Create a backup of the ticons folder that is in /home/$user/.local/share/Telegram/tdata/ 3- Replace the ticons folder within /home/$user/.local/share/Telegram/tdata/ 4- Open...
linux icons iconset systemtray telegram unix
Feb 02 2019

Helium For Telegram

Icon Sub-Sets by mcder
Copy the content to the folder: ~/TelegramDesktop/tdata/ticons/ Flatpak: ~/.var/app/org.telegram.desktop/data/TelegramDesktop/tdata/ticons I hope you like :-)
unix telegram iconset kde helium linux plasma plasma-desktop
Feb 20 2019