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Aquave Folders [Softlinks Included]

Icon Sub-Sets by khaos
Aquave folders, ready to be integrated into your existing icon theme. OG icons: These are in png format.
aquave folders mod linux mac iconset windows unix
Feb 10 2021


Icon Sub-Sets by adhe
Icons from OieOxy and Focus for *Neve4Plasma* Look&Feel
unix linux iconset
Jun 09 2019

Adobe icons and jgmenu

Icon Sub-Sets by komeko
Adobe like icons and jgmenu theme like gnome menu 1. Install jgmenu ( 2. Copy "jgmenurc" , "menu.txt" ,"icons" in /home/"user"/.config/jgmenu/ 3. In "menu.txt" insert path to icons ( /home/"user"/.config/jgmenu/icons/"name.png" ) 4. Setup hotkey...
iconset jgmenu linux adobe adobeicons unix
Aug 08 2019

RecTag - places

Icon Sub-Sets by potzblitz7
Here is my new folder RecTag places. 102 icons (including softlinks) are waiting to use them in your icon Theme... These icons are not a hole icon theme, only the folder places in different sizes. You need a icon theme to change the subfolder places (for example Sphere 1.3)... maybe i will...
unix iconset linux
Jan 25 2014

I like geocache

Icon Sub-Sets by potzblitz7
This is only one icon, i made for my Sphere Theme (found in other Artwork by Potzblitz).... I like geocaching, therfor i made this icon. I will also create this icon for my Sphere glass folders.... will be uploaded in the future with other stuff.... I hope you like it....
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Aug 30 2012

Gimp icon Faenza

Icon Sub-Sets by 6treph
36 pix 48 pix 128 pix 256 pix *.svg Not for commercial use! Do not mod without permission! ------------------------------------------ How to install. If you have installed Faenza icon theme; -Copy this icon(svg) in directory,where installed your Faenza, with replacement...
unix linux iconset
Jun 13 2011

Ocean (Preview concept)

Icon Sub-Sets by Ghostdmn
What do you think of it?
iconset linux unix
Jan 30 2011

Vista-original 2.0

Icon Sub-Sets by Karmicbastler
The original Vista-Look is back in a new Version. I have changed one Icon and even added a lot of icons. Have a look at it. As suggestion for Metacity-themes, you can use the Turquoise_Nights Metacity-theme or the Mista-theme or even the SiliconVista-Metacity-theme. As gtk-theme, I would...
unix iconset linux
Dec 09 2010

Kde chalk set

Icon Sub-Sets by starwolf
unix iconset linux
Oct 27 2010

Token start-here collection

Icon Sub-Sets by adiazc
I started to create some icons with the tutorial for mi personal use, so i share this two for the moment, i think i'll create for other distros too. thanks to brsev for his great idea. ** If your favorite distro isn't here please let me know. **
unix iconset linux
May 26 2010