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Icon Sub-Sets by pieter
povides beautifull folder icons for icon themes that don' t have so nice ones. This theme should be used together with the flat-glass-Color icon theme to witch it points. Also in the extracted icon-theme there is a file "index.theme". In this file you...
linux unix iconset
Oct 02 2019

Adobe icons and jgmenu

Icon Sub-Sets by komeko
Adobe like icons and jgmenu theme like gnome menu 1. Install jgmenu ( 2. Copy "jgmenurc" , "menu.txt" ,"icons" in /home/"user"/.config/jgmenu/ 3. In "menu.txt" insert path to icons ( /home/"user"/.config/jgmenu/icons/"name.png" ) 4. Setup hotkey...
jgmenu adobe adobeicons linux unix iconset
Aug 08 2019