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Skeuomorphic Screenshots - My KDE Plasma Desktop in 2024

KDE Plasma Screenshots by kevingothe
My desktop as it was on January 3rd, 2024. I'm not a very flat guy. I always look for icons, themes and wallpapers to be a bit more 3D or photorealistic. Perhaps I'm a bit retro. I have made the wallpapers myself, and they can be downloaded here: My...
skeuomorphic retro photorealistic screenshots kde-plasma linux unix screenshot kde plasma
Jan 03 2024

My KDE Plasma Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by OlliFri
My KDE Plasma Desktop. Files for Installation are here
desktop gtk2 gtk3 kde kvantum linux plasma screenshot unix
Sep 09 2020

kde5 idea

KDE Plasma Screenshots by garthecho
I just stumbled across the design work being done on the upcoming KDE 5 release, and I have to say that it's looking pretty good! I knew they'd go with flat design on this one, and I'm so glad they did! This is just another take on what they're doing, so far. This is a WIP. If there is...
kde linux plasma screenshot unix
Apr 16 2014

KDE 4.3.3 Ghost and Dragons

KDE Plasma Screenshots by ArneBab
For the high resolution version, please use the download-button at the bottom. Used tech: - Gentoo + KDE 4.3.3 - with Aurora Theme Engine for window decorations using the Ghost-deco, - the Ghost Plasma Theme, - Obsidian Coast color scheme, - Buuf Icons, and - The "Dragons" background...
kde linux plasma screenshot unix
Nov 07 2009