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Windows 10 sound theme for Debian/Ubuntu

System Sounds by biohazard1282
A sound theme package. *** Installation *** For normal users, extract to: [username]/.local/share/sounds For admins, extract to: /usr/share/sounds
linux unix windows10
Jul 25 2021

Smooth - complete system sound theme with 58 event sounds

System Sounds by pemartins
I appreciate system sounds a lot, I like that 'more alive' feeling they bring to my user experience. Since we usually spend a lot of time on a computer, all that can make that experience more pleasant is always welcome. So I put together some quality sounds I've been finding these last couple...
unix system_sounds linux sound sounds
Feb 21 2020

Diamond Thunder Logon Sound

System Sounds by Diamond
Thunder_up, Thunder_dwn File container: OGG Audio codec: VORBIS Bit rate: 128 kbps (VBR) Sample rate: 44100 Hz Resolution: 16 bits Channels: stereo Duration: 00:06.568
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May 06 2018

Ring-A-Ding-Ding Smooth Alarm - single alarm sound

System Sounds by pemartins
I made this alarm sound for myself, I wanted something that was smooth and not annoying but yet noticeable, which could be used in every environment without troubling everyone around me. So this is what works for me. I made it with using its engine 3 English female voice,...
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Mar 13 2018