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Cleanup Arch Linux

Tutorials and Scripts by sasvi
With this script you can safely clean Arch Linux system from unnecessary packages, which
unix tutorial linux pacman bash arch cleanup clear
Mar 13 2020

archlinux UEFI Install Guide

Tutorials and Scripts by antechdesigns
archlinux UEFI Install Guide for Virtualbox or on Metal
uefi tutorial unix arch archlinux guide install linux
Jul 07 2019

Arch Linux KDE Plasma Wifi installation for beginners

Tutorials and Scripts by freefreeno
Arch Linux KDE Plasma guide for beginners that need help installing Arch. Anyone should be able
arch archlinux unix tutorial linux kde kdeplasma
Sep 12 2019

deepin blur wallpaper fix (nvidia)

Tutorials and Scripts by antechdesigns
Archlinux & Manjaro instructions: deepin blur wallpaper fix (for nvidia gfx cards)
linux deepin blur blurfix fix arch unix tutorial
Oct 03 2018

Artix - packages don't install solution

Tutorials and Scripts by Markospoko
It's for Artix, if you install system, say using base image and some packages fail to install, f.e. "sudo pacman -S vim" fails, possibly with "invalid or corrupted package" message or similar, dl this .txt =) Don't be shy, give it a try, hesitation isn't good for you, trust me, I'm your best...
arch artix unix tutorial linux packages solution invalid
Aug 27 2019