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Improved Layout and Icons for RECOLL

Tutorials and Scripts by stalin2000
Copy icon set / png images into this folder: /usr/share/recoll/images Then go to Settings -> GUI Settings -> Result list tab -> "Edit Format String for Results paragraph" and paste the following source code there, which you can find in the readme.txt file that comes with this download.
linux unix tutorial
Mar 27 2021

Youtube to mp3 coverter script using youtube dl and ffmpeg

Tutorials and Scripts by madcap
###YOUTUBE VIDEO TO MP3 CONVERTER### **REQUIRES ffmpeg, youtube-dl and vim ##Installing requirements: ***Arch based*** sudo pacman -S ffmpeg sudo pacman -S youtube-dl sudo pacman -S vim ***ubuntu/debian based*** sudo apt install ffmpeg sudo apt install youtube-dl sudo apt...
python3 linux mp3 music script bash unix tutorial
Dec 18 2019

Xtreme download manager (XDM)

Tutorials and Scripts by Hemoo023
. a. In Ubuntu/Mint/Elementary OS or other Debian based Linux, use: sudo ./ b. In Fedora,Arch,Gentoo
unix tutorial linux
Feb 27 2018

Ultimate Edition 4.1

Tutorials and Scripts by TheeMahn
Ultimate Edition 4.1 Theme pack.
4.1 edition unix ultimate tutorial linux
May 14 2019