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Various Plasma Theming by rkstrdee
Natuere Inspire Fireflies theme. Install the Gloval theme from store for better experience.
arch fireflies green kde linux plasma sweet theme unix
Apr 07 2022

Plasma 5 Windows Blur

Various Plasma Theming by TheXellix
This is my first upload on this site. To apply this theme you need to: Have OpenGL enabled Import the "BlurRule" to kwin's rules Download and make executable "Enable" put "Enable" at startup. This theme is like Oxygen-transparent but it works on all themes Thanks to Cyelis1224...
1024x768 linux unix kde plasma theme dark-theme plasma5 blur
Jul 22 2021

Plasma Lockscreen Win10 Style

Various Plasma Theming by taylorcmatt68
Custom Plasma Lockscreen Win 10 Style add to global theme in lookandfeel folder see github link for installation instructions
kde kde5 linux lockscreen plasma plasma5 theme unix
Oct 01 2020

WINE dark color scheme

Various Plasma Theming by helg
Dark theme for Wine. Installation instructions: - in the "wine" app run "regedit" window, - import the downloaded file with the .reg extension, then restart the wine app.
color kde linux lutris plasma scheme theme unix wine winehq
Jun 09 2020