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Full Icon Themes by ZMA
Смарагд Modification Menda Theme by AneX. Manjaro vector graphics icons theme for gtk+ and kde/qt Square Edition. NitruxSA - flattr-icons. Numix Project. Maximum compatibility with classic MATE, KDE, XFCE. Download Smaragd [url][/url]
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Jul 01 2022

11 themes for aMule

Icon Sub-Sets by ZMA
1. Unpack 11-skins-for-aMule.tar.xz 2. Put this files zip (do not unpack the archive) in .aMule/skins or /usr/share/amule/skins/ or /usr/local/share/amule/skins folder. If not exist, create it. 3. Run aMule go to Preferences - Inerface - Skin - Select ***** skin - click OK. 1. Распакуйте 1...
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Jun 15 2019

White Humanity

Full Icon Themes by Magog64
* Fantastic white version of Humanity with Amule, Empathy and weather of @piotrekp with more than 1k apps icons * If you find the missing icon, please report at GitHub issues. AMULE 1. Extract the file "" 2. Copy to /usr/share/amule/skin
amule dark humanity icon-theme light linux unix white
Mar 28 2019