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EFBright All

Kvantum by OlliFri
Half Bright theme for KDE Plasma and all Qt based desktops. KDE based on Kvantum and Aurorae window covering. A matching Gtk theme for a uniform look, regardless of whether KDE or Gnome software is running. A well-fitting icon theme is also included. Installation, unzip everything as usual...
aurorae gtk2-theme gtk3-theme kavantum kdeplasmaa kvantum linux theme unix
Apr 11 2021

EFBright Aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations by OlliFri
The Aurorae window design from my EFBright All project which can be found here in its entirety: Das Aurorae Fenster Design aus meinem EFBright All Projekt das komplett hier zu finden ist:
aurorae bright button kde kde5 linux plasma theme unix
Apr 11 2021


Plasma Window Decorations by eQuilibrium
This is a official EQuilibrium IV window decoration for KDE users.
aurorae kde kwin linux plasma theme unix
Oct 04 2020

Glassy Rounded

Plasma Window Decorations by pr0cella
Glassy Rounded - A transparent Aurorae theme with rounded corners Requires Kvantum with Glassy theme for matching Qt backgrounds Full repo with all themes: Suggested Settings: Kvantum theme: Glassy Colors: Glassy Aurorae theme (window...
aurorae kde linux plasma theme unix windowdeco
Feb 02 2020