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EFBright Gtk2 Gtk3

GTK3/4 Themes by OlliFri
Semi-bright Gtk2 and Gtk3 theme. Without a lot of boxes and dividing lines with round three-dimensional switches. But still very clear and easy on the eyes. I avoided extremely bright meadows completely. The topic comes from my EFBright All project. This can be found here:...
bright gnome gradient gtk2-theme gtk3-theme linux theme unix
Apr 11 2021

EFBright Aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations by OlliFri
The Aurorae window design from my EFBright All project which can be found here in its entirety: Das Aurorae Fenster Design aus meinem EFBright All Projekt das komplett hier zu finden ist:
aurorae bright button kde kde5 linux plasma theme unix
Apr 11 2021

XFCE bright title bar HC 28

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by OlliFri
XFCE bright title bar with active glass button. ( 28px ) The frame consists of a subtle shadow and the lower corners are indicators for scaling the windows. Inactive windows have neither button nor scaling indicators. XFCE helle Titelleiste mit aktiven Glasschaltern. ( 28px ) Der Rahmen...
bright linux unix window windowdeko xfce
Apr 20 2018

OlliFri QtCurve bright

QtCurve by OlliFri
Bright QtCurve theme with color file Installation Deutsch: Zu erst aus den Paketquellen QtCurve komplett installieren. Danach die runter geladene Datei entpacken. Dann KDE Systemeinstellungen – Anwendungsstil – öffnen und im Feld Stil der Bedienelemente auf QtCurve um stellen. Danach auf den...
bright kde linux plasma qtcurve theme unix
Dec 28 2017