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Linux Cheatsheet Wallpaper

Wallpapers Linux/Tux by sasvi
Linux usefull commands cheatsheet as wallpaper. [b]Resolution[/b] = 4K. I'll add other
cheatsheet commands creative debian ubuntu wallpaper artwork tux linux
Apr 26 2021


Distros by efeyaryukey
A customised Pardus Iso for the people who want to use Pardus with KDE and 5.x kernel version. It's an unofficial project.
debian distro kde linux pardus
Jan 31 2021

Debian Neofetch ASCII Wallpaper

Wallpapers Debian by sasvi
Debian Neofetch wallpaper. There are two variants: Clean (just ASCII logo) and second one with text. [b]Resolution:[/b] 4K [b]Donation:[/b] All of my products are available for free. If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee here: [url][/url] Thank you.
arc-dark artwork ascii debian linux neofetch wallpaper
Nov 06 2020

Conky GVS-Plus for 6 CPU

Conky by autocrosser1
Another Conky theme for Conky 1.10 or higher. As usual for my themes, edit as you need for your system (change the mounted filesystems-network connections, etc). Packaged with a startup script, themes & font required. Works best with darker desktop backgrounds. Just un-tar & put the .conky &...
conky debian extension linux unix
May 19 2019