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Deepin 2022 Dark

Plasma Color Schemes by zayronXIO
scheme color for global theme deepin 2022 dark
deepin dark linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Jul 10 2022

Ketsa icons individual

Single Icon/Logo by zayronXIO
use these icons for your own creations, ketsa icons will stop developing as a set, they will now be distributed individually Then I share the minute images of the available icons, [size=24][b][color=#f4725b]remember that to download you must access the "FILES" tab up...
beautiful deepin kali linux logo macos ubuntu unix
Jan 06 2022

deepin plus all icon theme

Full Icon Themes by zayronXIO
deepin plus icons for all distros icons based on the icon theme papiros, and the original icons of deepin, icons have already been added with the design technique of deepin, they will be adding more to replace the papiros icons,
deepin gnome icon-theme linux unix
Nov 18 2019

vitas icon theme

Full Icon Themes by zayronXIO
[h2]Vitas-Icon-Theme[/h2] first launch of vitas-icon-theme, specially designed for use in high resolution monitors, its update depends on your acceptance. for greater integration it is recommended to install the classic theme...
deepin gnome icon-theme kde linux lxde unix xfce
Oct 12 2019

deepin plus icon theme

Full Icon Themes by zayronXIO
this package is a complement to the deepin icons this project is very recent to be considered complete, it is in alpha phase, it will only work in deepin since the package only has a few complementary icons
debian deepin icon-theme iconpack icons linux theme unix
Sep 15 2018