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Remove App Menu GNOME Extension

Gnome Extensions by dragon8oy
An extension to remove the GNOME application menu in the top left of the screen Check out my other projects: - Argon Icon Theme: - Argon GRUB Theme: - Alphabetical App Grid GNOME Extension:
gnome extensions linux unix extension
Mar 12 2022

Arc menu settings and theme presets - Arc menu

Tutorials and Scripts by lsteam
Arc menu settings and theme presets for GNOME desktop customization with Nord pallete Dependencies: Arc menu :
arc-menu gnome extensions linux unix tutorial
Sep 28 2021

File Drawer

Plasma 5 Applets by moofang
This is a simple plasmoid that sits on your panel and, on click, simply displays the file contents of a configurable folder in a drag-scrollable "drawer". Scratches the itch of the default folderview plasmoid NOT being sanely operate-able with a touch screen. Might be kinda rough around...
extensions kde plasma plasma-5 widget linux unix extension
Feb 25 2019