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XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by habibimedwassim
This Theme is a fork of flat-remix-gtk theme with darkish colors. Made especially for XFCE desktop environment !
flat-remix gtk2 gtk3 linux theme unix xfce4
Apr 19 2022

openSUSE-themed folder/app icons based on Flat Remix

Icon Sub-Sets by lil-froggy
This is a simple recolouring of the folder icons of the Flat Remix Icon pack based on some of the recommended colours of the openSUSE branding guidelines. If you are already using a custom icon theme (for example the original Flat Remix icon theme, you can just...
flat-remix folders green icons iconset linux opensuse unix
Apr 15 2022

Flat Remix Latte

Latte Layouts by tsbarnes
A sleek Latte Dock 0.10+ layout to go with the Flat Remix global themes. Based on the appearance of the Flat Remix GNOME Shell themes.
dock extension flat-remix latte latte-dock linux unix
Feb 01 2021