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LinuxForce Blue

Wallpapers Linux/Tux by darkeye90
Def ========== Wallpaper for Gnu/Linux OS present Tux the Gnu/LInux mascot in the Royal penguin
artwork free linux linuxforce tux wallpaper
Feb 19 2022

Pokemon Cursor

Cursors by Kaiz
An unofficial Pokemon cursor theme for Windows and Linux with [b]HiDPI[/b] display support
cursor free linux opensource pokemon unix windows
Feb 07 2022

Yosa Max

Full Icon Themes by freywazza
Update 10/14/2019! Added more original icons. *This icon theme is originally based on the popular la capitaine icon theme, with a different kind of style to differentiate it from the original one. *There are 12 different folder colors available, and you can easily change it using the...
1600x900 bright clearlooks free icon-theme linux subtle unix
Oct 14 2019