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LXQt Themes by HenryGuzman
This topic is born of the need to have a style that reminds us of KDE4, the color scheme makes it family and especially a very refreshing or pretty aesthetic, I hope you like it. Note : For the transparent effect, use Compton .
kde4 clasics old linux unix theme lxqt
May 31 2021

EQ Ambience Flat Light

Plasma Themes by eQuilibrium
EQ Ambience Flat Light the official KDE Plasma desktop theme of EQuilibrium "Level Three" New Experience2
plasma desktop kde4 linux unix theme kde
Mar 04 2019

Air theme for Tint2

tint2 by Hazuki
This is the beta release of a Tint2 theme I made from scratch trying to mimic the look of the Air theme from KDE Plasma 4.x (remember that?). I'm not sure I got the opacity completely right and some of the details of icon sizing/spacing may be off. If so, and anyone would like to comment, please...
linux unix extension tint2 air kde4
Oct 27 2018

Colours Of Life for KDE 4.x

Plasma Color Schemes by beautifulrat
Colours Of Life, Color-Schemes files for KDE 4.x: Six jaunty colourful themes to taint the KDE windows with fun and happiness! Enjoy...
colorscheme linux unix kde plasma theme kde4 colors
Jul 13 2015