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icon pack

Full Icon Themes by muditha24
CoreUI Free Icons - Premium designed free icon set with marks in SVG, Webfont and raster formats
icon-theme laptop design linux unix
Aug 16 2022

animation wallpaper

Cinnamon Themes by muditha24
Easy to use; Just drag'n'drop media files & webpages into lively window to set it as wallpaper. Hardware accelerated video playback, powered by mpv player. Interactive webgl wallpapers, powered by lightweight chromium engine Cef. Windows 11 fluent design language. Efficient, Lively is a...
themes laptop wallpaper linux unix theme cinnamon
Aug 16 2022

Laptop Plymouth Glitch Theme

Plymouth Themes by markfirewald
/etc/default/grub ` Find the line: "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT" = add the following: `quiet splash
bootscreen glitch laptop linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Oct 15 2021

Star Labs Cursor Theme

Cursors by starlabs
Star Labsesque cursor theme Currently has Standard, Dark and Light variants. On Ubuntu, Linux
cursor labs laptop linux star unix
Jan 09 2019

Star Labs Cursor Theme Middle Finger Mod

Cursors by sepriklo
I saw this in GTA V and decided it was a good idea. When you over a link, the cursor turns into a hand showing the middle finger instead of the default index finger. I took these cursors: and changed the textures with the hand (changed the index finger to...
cursor labs laptop linux mod star unix
Feb 26 2019

Aureola Netsense Customized

Conky by mah-rakib
Edited and more elegant version of Aureola Netsense. Edited specially for smaller (i.e. 768 px height) displays
conky extension full laptop linux systeminfo unix
Sep 10 2018