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KWin Scripts by anametologin
Switch among windows by pressing the key. ---===ATTENTION===--- Zay works in tandem with another program 1. This kwin script 2. key press absorber program Installation 1. install kwinscript 2. Install key press absorber program Add zayka...
switch window tile linux unix
Jul 13 2024


Global Themes (Plasma 6) by phob1an
Future nostalgia for today's world! Colourful setting for terminals/editors using the Dracula colorscheme. Needs Kvantum for that outta-world experience:
futureretro retro linux unix theme kde plasma
Jul 08 2024

Arch Update Checker

Plasma 6 Applets by dhruv8sh
A Plasma 6 applet to update your Arch and AUR packages
update archlinux aur pacman kde-plasma linux unix extension kde plasma
Jul 08 2024

Modified default Fedora KDE Plasma splashscreen

Plasma 6 Splashscreens by stefan08
This is a modified version of default Fedora KDE Plasma made by me (Stefan2008) Downlod .tar file and extract it to: /home/$username/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel If you can't see the "." folders or files, press CTRL + H to see them
linux kde kde-6 kde-plasma fedora-40 unix theme plasma
Jun 27 2024

Seven-Blue Aurorae Theme

Plasma 6 Window Decorations by Moony
~ Blue Windows 7 Lookalike theme ~ - Drop shadow - Opaque decorations included - Shown with QtCurve widgets, subpixel-hinted fonts and transparency blur Recommended to use "Large Window Borders". Tested on high-DPI and looks perfect at 200% scale, and OK at non-integer scales.
linux unix theme kde plasma
Jun 16 2024

Kpple Menu 6

Plasma 6 Applets by chrtall
The Kpple menu is a drop-down menu that is usually found on the left side of the menu bar. The original maintainer does not seem actively maintaining the project anymore. In order to port the plasmoid to KF6 I created this fork. I also added Keyboard Navigation via Tab and Back-tab or via Arrow...
extension kde-widget kde menu plasma-6 linux unix plasma
Jun 12 2024

Redshift control for Plasma 6

Plasma 6 Applets by evgeniyharchenko
Plasma 6 applet. Allows enabling and disabling redshift process. Provides advanced redshift settings and mouse-wheel manual screen temperature, brightness and gamma controlling.
redshift widget plasma-6 plasma extension linux unix kde
Jun 11 2024

Wallpaper Engine Kde Plugin [new]

Plasma 5 Wallpaper Plugins by verismei
-wallpaper-engine-kde-plugin ) Default Steam library path on Linux: ~/.local/share/Steam Default Steam
kde-5 kde-plasma plasma-5 scene wallpaper kde plasma linux unix extension wallpaper-plugin
Jun 02 2024

Papirus' Linux Universe

Full Icon Themes by joshaby
[h1]Papirus' Linux Universe[/h1] Papirus folder icon set based on distros and the most famous icon
papirus icon-theme linux unix
Feb 13 2022

XFCE Kali Themes and Icons

Full Icon Themes by oathanrex
# Customizing XFCE4 Kali Theme and Icons for Debian/Ubuntu/Linux and Termux GUI This guide
kali kalilinux gtkthemes iconthemes themes linux unix icon-theme
May 02 2024