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Where is my SDDM theme

SDDM Login Themes by stepan-zubkov
That feeling when your SDDM theme suddenly disappeared... The most minimalistic SDDM theme among all themes. Only black screen and password input field. Nothing extra, right? Even when you enter wrong password theme will show only red border around your screen. To login, just press ...
sddm minimalism small minimalistic linux unix
Aug 31 2023

PureSketch Aurorae Theme

Plasma Window Decorations by zalimannard
I want to create a theme that is devoid of the main disadvantages that infuriate me. I don't like Aurorae themes: - Non-working upper right corner in most schemes - Shadows - Strict forms I want to make my KDE look consistent and have a lot to do. There will be many different themes. Join me.
pure minimalism rounded linux unix theme kde plasma
Aug 12 2023