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Greybird QtCurve theme

QtCurve by zinjanthr0pus
Based this on the Greybird Geeko theme, specifically, but I think that just changes some colors, so it should work fine for any greybird version. Not to say that it's a perfect imitation, but it should do the trick if someone just wants their Qt applications to fit into a greybird-themed...
greybird linux qtcurve theme unix
Apr 21 2022

Dark glassy theme with gradients

QtCurve by zinjanthr0pus
This is a QtCurve theme that I made to go with a couple of other themes based around an aurora borealis wallpaper. Basically the idea was to have something dark with gradients, transparency, blur, and skeuomorphic icons. I think the theme is completely color agnostic, though, so it should work...
blur glass gradient gradients linux qtcurve theme unix
May 05 2022

k8 KDE Theme

QtCurve by garthecho
on Linux, just remember that these were made by artists in the same way that Linux themes are. :) Let
linux qtcurve theme unix
Sep 05 2017

Xplastik Qtcurve Theme

QtCurve by deny26
this kde qtcurve theme based on plastik qtcurve. Install qtcurve (depend on your distro) for Manjaro user: - install qtcurve-gtk2 and qtcurve-kde to change kde theme with qtcurve style
kde linux manjaro qtcurve theme unix
Apr 05 2020


QtCurve by garthecho
, but unfortunately it doesn't render well on Linux. Luckily, there is an alternative that does. Get it here: http
linux qtcurve theme unix
Jan 16 2014


QtCurve by zinjanthr0pus
This is my attempt at a QtCurve theme based on Apple's Platinum style from System 8 and 9. QtCurve is a bit limited, but it's a decent theme. The only really bad issues that I encountered were that I couldn't shape the tabs right, and I couldn't have a separate highlight color for menus and...
classic linux macintosh os8 os9 platinum qtcurve theme unix
Apr 01 2020

CurveDomina Qtcurve

QtCurve by koko2k
An attempt to make qtcurve looks like the good old domino style, unavailable for kde. If you like this, i suggest you to install domino for qt3 application, it will integrates very well with CurveDomina. Window decorations are from qtcurve too, settings for windeco and kstyle are shared in...
linux qtcurve theme unix
Nov 14 2017

Hex - KDE Theme

QtCurve by garthecho
QtCurve, color scheme, and Plasma theme. Hex is flat, textured, and aims to be clear and easy to use. The plasma theme is heavily based on Caledonia by Malcer: *It may be necessary to restart any running apps after...
linux qtcurve theme unix
Jul 31 2017

OlliFri QtCurve bright Buttons

QtCurve by OlliFri
Dark gray and red QtCurve and Plasma 5 Color Theme. Installation: Installation Deutsch: Zu erst aus den Paketquellen QtCurve komplett installieren. Danach die runter geladene Datei entpacken. Dann KDE Systemeinstellungen – Anwendungsstil – öffnen und im Feld Stil der Bedienelemente auf QtCu...
dark kde linux plasma qtcurve theme unix
Dec 28 2017

OlliFri QtCurve dark Buttons

QtCurve by OlliFri
Dark QtCurve Theme with dark Botton
dark kde linux plasma qtcurve theme unix
Dec 28 2017